Best Paper Awards

Best Conference Paper Award
“Artificial Intelligence Approach to the Trajectory Generation and Dynamics of a Soft Robotic Swallowing Simulator”
Dipankar Bhattacharya, Leo K. Cheng, Steven Dirven, Weiliang Xu


Best Poster Paper Award
“Precise vibration control for a small Electro-magnetic shaker based on feedforward compensation”
Changjun Oh, Heenam Choi, Bongsoo Kang

“An Exploration of the Power of Max Switch Locations in CNNs”
Jeongwoo Ju, Junho Yim, Sihaeng Lee, and Junmo Kim

“Evaluation of High-speed Image Processing for Low Latency Control of a Mechatronic System”
Joshua Lues, Gourab Sen Gupta, Donald Bailey


Best Paper Award
“Estimation and Recognition of Motion Segmentation and Pose IMU-based Human Motion Capture”
Phan Gia Luan, Nguyen Thanh Tan, Nguyen Truong Thinh

“A Game-Theoretic Approach for Multi-Robot Task Allocation with Dependency Constraints”
Ming Chong Lim, Han-Lim Choi

“Design and Analysis of a Novel Sucked-type Underactuated Hand with Multiple Grasping Modes”
Nan Lin, Peichen Wu, Xiao Tan, Jinhua Zhu, Zhenjiang Guo, Xinbo Qi, Xiaoping Chen