Special Talk

Special Talk on “Advanced Drilling System for Subsurface Exploration”

Speaker: Prof. Takashi Kubota, ISAS/JAXA, Japan

Friday 15 December, 9:30 am – 10:20 am
Matrix Hall, 2F. KI building

Abstract: The deep space explorations have received a lot of attention in recent years. Some missions to land safely and explore on the surface of the moon or other planets are proposed and planned in the world. In these missions, it is required to perform sampling, conduct in-situ analysis of geological samples and deploy devices for measurement and observation. Many researchers have studied and developed sample acquisition systems and driller or corer systems. Recently deep drillers or penetrating systems have been required to obtain deep data for subsurface exploration. In lunar missions, it is needed to excavate the regolith layer, which covers the lunar surface, in depth of several meters. Some suggestions for drilling on the lunar surface have already been made. However, there are no schemes that satisfy the requirement. This seminar talks about the developed drilling system and also pointed out some problems to be solved This seminar introduces a mole-like robot which is maneuverable in regolith.